7 Jewelry Trends for Winter/Spring 2020 You Shouldn’t Miss

jewelry trends for 2020

When it comes to jewelry the next season, it's go big or go home. 

Accessories and jewelry have always been the perfect way to completely transform and enhance an outfit. And thankfully we've been seeing that with fall trends 2019 and winter trends 2020.

Out of all the clothing, shoes and accessories, next season's jewelry trends may just be the most fun to experiment with. When it comes to jewelry the next season, it's go big or go home.

Everything statement and glamorous is in, even with dainty jewelry, you will find a statement hidden somewhere... Designers got playful with colorful gems, oversized statement pieces, and standalone earrings that prove sometimes the single life really is more fun.

This year's jewelry accessories trends are exciting, and the jewelry is all about adding those touches of elegance and fun to your looks. Let’s have a sneak peek on what kind of jewelry will be top fashionable the following season.


Classic Parisian jewelry dominated the runways, with layers of gold chains, cameo rings and pearls, whether small and subtle or worn overstated, en masse.

This season, there was a sense of daring in the air, which inspired bold reinventions of the Parisian staples. At Dior, the pearl necklace was embellished with rhinestones, at Givenchy, pearls were worn asymmetrically, and the anklet resurfaced in chic, fine gold.

Big necklaces

From chunky chains to sculptural shapes, necklaces are going big and bold for spring 2020.

A stylish statement for day and night, there's a look for everyone whether you're into glittering silver links, enamel and gold chokers, or abstract collars.

Remember layering necklaces? Who in the world didn't love that and is so glad it's back. The best thing about this trend is that is suits 2 different tastes: It looks beautiful with simple, “barely there”, dainty necklaces and looks amazing as well with chunky dramatic necklaces.

For an easy-to-wear style hack, try pairing your favorite iteration with a simple t-shirt and jeans.


Is there anything more glamorous than a cascade of rhinestones along the wrist, décolletage, or side of the neck? Rhinestone-studded jewels made for some of the most luxurious and striking Winter 2020 runway accessories.

Overstated and tailor-made for the party girl, rhinestones fell in torrents from models’ lobes on the runways of most fashion shows, swinging in time to their every step.

Rhinestones in long dangling earrings have been trending for a while and these tassel style earrings can easily promise you to make most outfits look 10x better.

Sculptural earrings

Artful earrings have been a big trend in jewelry, and for spring, sleeker takes are having a major moment.

Jewelry creators literally had a ball for spring, suspending globes of metal and glass from ear lobes, and stringing multi-colored beads into lariats.

There's something about a structured metal earring that appeals to both maximalist and minimalist sensibilities. The trend caters to the maximalist's need for something spectacular that grabs the eye while suiting the minimalist's desire for something sleek, streamlined, and easy to wear with anything in their wardrobe.

Whether you're into a geometric drop, metal-worked chandeliers, or molded hoops, this trend is perfectly polished with workwear or a fresh alternative to rhinestones for the evening.

Colorful gemstones

Spring always encourages a renewed appreciation for bright color stories, and that applies to jewelry as well. Breaking from the metalwork motifs that defined many of the jewelry trends this fashion month, a crop of colorful jewels emerged.

Forget sticking to gold and silver, designers brought on an explosion of color for Spring 2020's jewelry. There are bright floral and beaded pieces, gemstones, and mismatched colors.

Beaded camp bracelets are the ultimate way to add some color—and some fun—into your jewelry collection. Channeling our inner kids, the look is all about having fun with your jewelry.


Yes, we know what you're thinking, "Chokers? Again?". This time they're different and bigger and better than ever before. They're back with a lot of detail, sophistication and punk-rock influence.

Grungy, androgynous silhouettes crossed the runways, with boxy designs and check prints evoking the rebellious spirit of the late 1970s. Jewelry was key to the look then, as it was on the runways of Fall/Winter 2019-2020, with stacks of piercings and bondage-style studded chokers.

On the calmer side, chokers have been popular with a more bejeweled, glamorous look, perfect for evening wear and incredibly flattering. This trend is all about colored stones in a choker and the rainbow trend fits perfectly with this accessory as well.

Shoe jewelry

Jewelry and shoes elide with this new approach to embellishment. All through fashion month, jewelry was showing up on shoes in addition to the usual spots like the neck and wrists.

On the heels of buzzy mesh sandal with ankle chains, designers are serving up fresh versions of the "shoe jewelry" look, and for every style.

Many designers garnished the shoes in their spring lineup with metal links and crystal strands. You can also DIY this look by adding an anklet or looping a chain through and around the straps of a pair of heels.

Think sexy sandals, work-appropriate pumps, and pretty flats. While adorned shoes are a given for parties and events, don't be afraid to rock them for the day with a pair of jeans!

There’s nothing down-to-earth about a brooch on a sock, a chandelier drop suspended from an espadrille, or delicate anklet jewelry. So kick up your heels and have some fun!