Birthstone of the Month: April is for Diamonds

diamond is birthstone of the month for april

For those fortunate to be born in April, the most prized gemstone of all is their birthstone. For this month, diamonds truly are a girl’s (or a boy’s) best friend.

The diamond as the April gemstone has garnered the hearts of many and is the most coveted crystal to date. Deemed as the “King of all Birthstones,” diamonds make the ideal choice for an April birthday gift.

In fact, the American National Association of Jewelers put out an official list of gemstones back in 1912, representing each month with a birthstone. It was then that Diamond was declared as the April birthstone.

Since ancient times, diamonds have been admired as objects of desire. Formed one hundred miles beneath the Earth’s surface over a billion years ago, diamonds are the hardest gem of all. 

For centuries, diamonds have been adorned by women and men and regarded as the ultimate gift and a symbol of eternal love. Diamonds are traditionally linked to love, and eternal endurance because of diamond's superior hardness. The name diamond is derived from the Greek 'adamas', which means invincible.

Natural diamonds are a rare and unique ultimate gift for a loved one. Traditionally diamond is accepted as the 10th and 60th wedding anniversary presents.

With so many diamonds to choose from, finding the one that's right for you can feel overwhelming, especially when compared to a jewelry store where choice is much more limited.

Everyone's diamond search is unique, but you may find this to be a helpful starting point. Take a look below for more information on this gorgeous birthstone.

Shop 1.75 Carat Natural Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Ring

Shop 1.75 Carat Natural Diamond 14K Yellow Gold Ring


Superpowers of diamond

One of the reasons diamond is so admired and valued is because of the process by which this gem must be formed well below the earth’s crust, then forced upward until it is uncovered. But before this process was understood, many ancient civilizations believed that diamonds were lighting made real on earth.

Perhaps this is the reason that diamonds have often been associated with great healing powers. Many thought the diamond could cure brain disease, alleviate pituitary gland disorders and draw toxins from the blood.

The diamond is the traditional birthstone of April and holds significant meaning for those born in that month, thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength and bring other benefits such as balance, clarity and abundance.

Ancient theories touting the magical powers of diamonds were prevalent: some thought lightning bolts formed diamonds, while other theories asserted that diamonds were the tears of god.

In fact, it’s the hardest gemstone and is made of just one element: carbon. Its structure makes it 58 times harder than anything in nature and can only be cut with another diamond. While it’s become nearly synonymous with wedding engagements, it’s also the perfect stone for individuals who want something that’s just as appropriate for everyday wear as it is for special occasions.

Diamond gemstones

While many imagine diamond to always be white, there are many colored diamonds available, such as champagne, cognac diamonds, and blue diamonds.

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0.38 Carat Natural Diamond 14K Solid Rose Gold Ring

Diamonds come in a wide range of colors such as black, blue, green, pink, red, purple, orange and yellow. The color is dependent upon the type of impurities that are present in the stone.

There are round diamonds, trillions and other shapes available in stock and they range in intensity from faint to vivid. Generally speaking, the more saturated the color, the higher the value.

In fact, diamonds sparkling with intense color are rare and may be priced higher than a colorless diamond of equal size. Its unique physical properties mean that it has the best possible luster of any gemstone when cut and polished well. So if you’re in the market for “sparkle,” the diamond is the gemstone for you.

Diamond quality is an important factor to consider while purchasing diamond earrings or diamond engagement rings. The quality of diamonds can be graded on four factors or 4Cs. These are the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamond. It is very important to know the characteristics of these precious stones while you are purchasing them.


The diamond cut is the most important element to consider when buying a diamond. The cut is the biggest factor in creating sparkle and fire, and without a high cut grade even a diamond of high quality can appear dull and lifeless.

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14K Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

Even if a diamond has a perfect clarity and color grade, if it has a poor cut, it may appear dull. A diamond cut poorly and too deep can face-up smaller than it actually is.

Cut is the most important of the 4Cs, because it has the greatest influence on a diamond's sparkle.

When diamond cuts are made with the proper proportions, light is returned out of the top of the diamond (which gemologists refer to as the table). If the cuts are too shallow, light leaks out of the bottom; too deep and it escapes out of the side.


Diamond clarity is simply referring to the absence of any inclusions or blemishes. If you are looking at round diamonds, then the inclusions may not be as noticeable, which means the clarity isn’t going to be as important as the color grade of the diamond will be.

When examining the diamonds, look for any noticeable tinting and note its interaction with both white light and colored light reflection.

Most importantly, ensure the diamond looks white in relation to its setting. The diamond you’re choosing should stand out as the bright, white focal piece of the jewelry. It is, after all, the most renowned part of the ring.


The grade and value of diamonds differs between colored and colorless diamonds. The overall value of a diamond rests, in part, on the absence of color.

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14K Black Diamond Ring

When slight coloring is present, less natural color of the light is reflected back to the eye. The more colorless a white diamond is, generally the more radiant, valuable, and rare it is as well. Colorless diamonds are definitely scarce and rank much higher on the color grading scale than a diamond that has even the softest touch of yellow.

Distinctly colored diamonds are prized pieces and are available in colors such as blue, pink and yellow. In white diamonds, however, a yellow tint is generally not as desirable.

The color grade of a diamond should always be determined by a grading professional.


Diamond carat is often misunderstood and refers to a diamond's weight, not necessarily its size. When comparing diamond carat sizes, take a diamond's cut into consideration as well: a high-carat diamond with a poor cut grade may look smaller, often cut deeper, than a diamond with smaller carat weight and a better cut.

To maximize your budget, "Buy Shy," which means selecting a carat weight slightly below the whole and half-carat marks.

For example, instead of a 2.0-carat diamond, consider buying a 1.9-carat weight. This will save a considerable amount of money and the slight size difference will never be noticed.

Keep in mind that the smaller the finger, the larger the diamond will appear. A 1.5-carat diamond solitaire looks much larger on a size 4 finger than a size 8.

The combination of the 4 Cs provides the overall radiance and appeal of a diamond. Your eye does not perceive one aspect individually—it notices the entire collaboration of the 4 Cs. Therefore, instead of focusing on one element such as color, it’s better to judge a diamond’s beauty as a whole.

Throughout history, the diamond has nearly always symbolized eternal and lasting love. So whether you’re getting engaged, or simply want to give yourself a truly meaningful gift, the diamond has both beauty and enduring symbolism.

Whether you’re celebrating an April birthday or a 60th or 75th wedding anniversary, giving a diamond means giving a perfectly beautiful gift that will truly stand the test of time.