How to Choose a Perfect Anniversary Ring

how to choose the perfect anniversary ring

Wedding etiquette provides some gift theme guidelines based on your anniversary year. But for most couples, these gift traditions feel a little...outdated.

While there are no specific guidelines for anniversary rings, modern-day couples have found this type of gift to be a unique and memorable way to celebrate some important benchmarks of their life together.

Some couples may celebrate the anniversary of their first date or the day they got engaged. Others prefer to commemorate important events in their life, such as buying a house, having a child, or overcoming a difficult time together.

Don’t feel beholden to giving certain gifts on certain years. We encourage you to buy an anniversary ring whenever it feels right.

Anniversary rings come in a wide range of styles, and there's certain to be one suited to your personal preference, activity level, and budget. Consider all your options before you select the ideal ring to celebrate your years of marriage. Below are some efficient tips to help you choose the perfect anniversary ring.

The traditional symbolism

For most couples, the man gifts the woman a ring. However, there are also diamond anniversary rings for men. You can get matching anniversary bands for you and your spouse. The most important thing is ensuring the ring represents your relationship.

While a traditional engagement ring would typically be a diamond solitaire, anniversary rings don’t usually have one center stone. Instead, they are set with multiple stones.

A particularly popular anniversary ring style is a three-stone ring, where the three stones represent the past, the present and the future of a couple’s life together.
Similar symbolism comes with the eternity band, with diamonds featured all around the band. Both styles symbolize the unbreakable bond of everlasting love.

If you want to add further symbolism to your anniversary ring, you can opt for a non-traditional stone. There are several options, such as black onyx for the 10th, rubies for the 15th, emeralds for the 20th, and pearls for the 30th anniversary.

Black onyx for the 10-year anniversary is a more modern gift tradition. This stone is believed to absorb negative energy and help to resolve conflicts.

If you are more traditional, you can opt for diamonds, which are appropriate for any anniversary.

As for the 15th anniversary, traditionally couples opt for crystal, while the 20th and 30th anniversaries are marked with platinum and diamond jewelry respectively.

Think about the setting

Once you have an idea of the type of ring you’re looking for, consider the style of ring setting your partner will like the most.

The ring setting you choose determines the number of stones you can have on the ring.

For example, a prong setting is a 5 to 12 stone diamond ring that looks flashy, because the prong setting increases light penetration. This is among the most luxurious anniversary rings. It is more appealing because the stones are big.

Pave setting uses micro pave diamonds that appear in two rows. The stones are set in the ring, so they are not as flashy in the case of a prong setting. These rings have a stud appearance.

Rings with channel setting are suitable for anyone planning to pair their anniversary ring with the wedding band. The design involves using two metals to form a channel that holds the nine diamonds in place.

In the case of bezel settings, the ring appears elegant because of how the metal has been curved around the diamonds. The bezel setting can hold up to 20 stones.

How to wear an anniversary ring

There are several ways to wear an anniversary ring, depending on the style of the ring. The style you choose really depends on how (and where) the ring will be worn.

An anniversary band can be paired with your wedding band and engagement ring. Or you could choose to wear an anniversary ring in place of your engagement ring.

For example, if your partner wants to retire the original wedding band and replace it with the anniversary ring, or wear it on the right hand, you have the flexibility to choose from any design.

If you're right-handed, be sure to choose an anniversary ring durable enough to stand up to the abuse most people inflict on right-hand jewelry. Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are all quite durable stones and make excellent right-hand options.

If the anniversary ring will be paired with the existing wedding ring, then it should have a similar look and feel.

If your wedding band and engagement ring make a perfect match and you don’t want to add any items, you can always wear your anniversary ring on your right hand.

While these are the most common, this list is certainly not exhaustive.

Ultimately the style of anniversary band you choose will depend on your personal preference, and the same is true for how you decide to wear your ring.

The simplest and most effective way to understand your options is to visit our online store and see them in greater detail!