How To Clean Sapphire Jewelry

After some time, sapphire jewelry will start to appear dull, cloudy, or gunky around the setting. This can easily be fixed by having it cleaned or cleaning it at home.

We recommend that you clean your sapphire jewelry every six months. To get the most in-depth cleaning, you'll want to have it professionally cleaned, but doing it at home is a great way to upkeep the jewelry and maintain that shine.

Cleaning Sapphire Jewelry At Home

When you're cleaning your jewelry at home, take these steps:

  1. Gather together a soft toothbrush, warm water, and regular dish soap.
  2. Soak the jewelry in warm soapy water for at least 10 to 15 minutes
  3. Use the toothbrush and make gentle circles on the sapphires, on the setting, and in between.

For lighter cleaning jobs, you can purchase a polishing cloth to help wipe off any smudges. If you notice that any of the gems are loose when you're cleaning, then be sure to take the jewelry to a jeweler.

Avoid using any abrasive materials such as cleaning chemicals, they can ruin the stones and their settings. Beware of ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners especially for older jewelry at your home. It's also important to not wear any of your jewelry if you're working with any tools or heavy equipment because scratched and fractures are much harder to fix than simply cleaning.

How The Professionals Clean Sapphire Jewelry

When you take your jewelry to a professional jeweler, the metal and the gemstones more thoroughly. The steps a jeweler will take to clean the jewelry are simple but makes any piece look brand new.

  • Soaked in an ultrasonic cleaner- The ultrasonic cleaner causes the dirt and grime to break off the jewelry.
  • Polished with a wheel- When the jeweler uses a wheel, they can polish out any scratches or abrasions in the jewelry.
  • Steam cleaned- The steam cleaning helps to remove any final dirt that is tougher to get off.

A jeweler will also check to make sure that there are no fractures and that the gemstones are properly set.