How to Wear Women’s Jewelry in Winter

best jewelry for winter

Just because you’re all covered up doesn’t mean you can’t rock a stunning piece of jewelry or two!

With the start of each season, comes a new wardrobe. Now, summer dresses are stored away in favor of winter scarves, and flip flops are shoved in closets as boots are brought out.

As wardrobes slowly begin to change, there is one piece of clothing that quickly becomes synonymous with winter: the coat. Even though your outfit underneath will change, your outer coat will remain the same. Because of this, it can often appear that you are wearing the same thing day in and day out.

The coat obscures the view of your outfit, but even beyond that, it also obscures your jewelry. Chances are that you’ve experienced a winter season where all of your photos look the same; the background might change, but your smiling face and drab winter coat remain the same.

So, what is the best way to avoid winter clothing pitfalls? Jewelry. Just because you’re all covered up doesn’t mean you can’t rock a stunning piece of jewelry or two! Read on to learn some tips on wearing jewelry to spice up your winter outfits.


Dangly earrings getting caught in your turtleneck or scarf are the worst. Avoid this by sticking with studs or small hoops, which will stay visible even if you’re wearing a turtleneck.

Stud earrings are the perfect go-to jewels to dress up your lobes for winter. Studs are a great alternative that won't blow around in the wind. Clean and classic.
Similarly, small hoops give you all of the chic style of dangling earrings without any of the wind-catching pull. Timeless gold hoops will go with everything.

All different styles of earrings have been trending for the past two years, and there are myriad imaginative, fun or daring studs out there for you to try on to see which fits your style best.

Pins and brooches

Pins are perfect for winter weather as well. Even though your body may be hidden under a coat, your pin can be proudly displayed for all to see.

Sure, you’ve heard that brooches are back, but you’ve been skeptical about trying one or more yourself. But, unlike your grandmother’s pearls, the best brooches you can find are those that are antique or vintage or based on designs of the past by the renowned jewelers who have gone back to their archives to recreate this extremely versatile jewel.

You can pin them to your hat and then once inside, work them with bobby pins into your hair. You can wear one to affix a scarf. You can wear multiples on the lapel or pocket of a jacket or on the side of a cashmere cardigan. You can even wear them on the side of a knit dress or on the bottom of a sleeve or the top of a turtleneck sweater.


Sweaters with comfy, extra long sleeves are nice and cozy, but they can bulk up your wrist. Delicate stacked rings that peek out from the sleeve will add a feminine touch.

You can also use these rings to engage in another great trend: spreading rings across multiple fingers. You no longer need to limit your hand candy to a single finger. The key is to use understated rings for this, though, because bolder rings can be too flashy.

Stack rings are wonderful, but taking gloves on and off when the weather is cold could cause you to accidentally lose one or more of your rings.

It’s often safer to wear one or two larger, bolder rings in winter. You will feel them move around, and their stand-out appeal is more suited to your winter wardrobe. Colored gems will pop your winter staples of gray and black and signets with symbolism will act as your winter talisman.

Necklaces and pendants

While graduated chains and charms necklaces are great for the summer with T-shirts and tanks, they can compete with your layers of sweaters and scarves. T

herefore, it’s often better to opt for an elongated necklace that is chunky on its own or has a solid look with a large locket.

For tops that expose your chest like v-necks or scoop necks, wear delicate heart pendants that rest on your upper chest. These necklaces can also look great with slim-fitting turtlenecks.

Perhaps you're a fan of larger, bulky heart pendants instead. These pendants look great at the end of a long chain that lands around your rib cage.

Diamond solitaire pendants have a timeless look that never goes out of style. For winter, in particular, that sophisticated style is perfect for all your formal holiday parties.


When you are wearing long sleeves that are ribbed or textured in knits or jackets under your coats, you want bracelets that you can feel on your wrists without being too hefty.

Keep the wide cuffs and bangles, one for each wrist for spring and summer—they look wonderful on bare arms and won’t feel too cumbersome when you are already weighed down by your winter wear. You still need bracelets that pack a punch like oversized curb chains or new takes on wide ID bracelets. They can be worn over lightweight sweater sleeves.

Instead of skinny bracelets you can't slide over your gloves, look for bigger cuffs that you can get on your wrists that also won't get totally lost under your jacket.

No matter how thick your sweater sleeve is, you'll be able to pop this dramatic cut over it.

Another easy option to make sure your bracelet fits over your sleeves is to reach for cute cut out cuff styles.