Jewelry for Men: 2019 Guide to Getting it Right

Men all over the world are now viewing jewelry as part of an outfit. Men want jewelry that holds some meaning. They want their jewelry to be unique, to be part of their storytelling.

Some men, according to Accessories Council trade group based in New York, are starting to treat their jewelry the way women do, wearing different pieces during the day than at night.

Though not all will 100% agree, most modern men enjoy accessorizing just as much as the women do. Technology has helped enable the growth of customization. Just like you can order your own food from Fresh Direct, you can design your own bracelet.

Much like fashion trends, jewelry styles come and go based on season and occasion. This year, too, brings with it an updated set of guidelines, which will influence what jewelry men wear and how they wear it.

The flamboyant season

For 2019, jewelry both for men looks like it’s going to be big – in every sense of the word. It’s the season to be flamboyant, and more is more when it comes to styling your accessories in 2019.

Last year’s jewelry trends of micro jewelry – overtly feminine, delicate and minimalist – are long gone. 2019 is full of dramatic, over-the-top, statement pieces, many of which are weirdly industrial and dark in nature.

From large, heavy asymmetric layering, funky metallics, chunky hoops and chains, to huge precious and semi-precious gemstones, flowers and feathers – the 2019 jewelry trends are nothing if not fascinating.

There has been a 1990s streetwear revival in recent seasons, which has seen chains, pendants, medallions and rings rise in popularity. As with a lot of this season’s fashion looks, jewelry has dipped back into the style of the 1990s, to reincarnate the name charm.

Let’s have a closer look at what has resulted from this as the right style guide in men’s jewelry.

Trendy bracelets

If you haven't been using bracelets before, it's time to start now. Men's bracelets have been among the top men's accessories for a while now, and they'll continue to be there in 2019 also.

The type of bracelets that are likely to dominate the 2019 fashion will be those that can be worn over the sleeves of T-shirts, jackets, and coats. The bracelets should be in the tone of the clothing, but brighter – to attract attention.

If you are wearing a suit and tie on a daily basis, something metallic and luxurious looking, like a silver chain or a beaded bracelet with metallic details, is a great choice. If your wardrobe consists more of comfy and casual clothes, you’re probably going to do better in more laid-back bracelets.

As 90s jewelry and 90s charm are back for the men, chunky or extra thin, brutalist or recycled, contrasting bracelets will be a wardrobe essential to add a rebellious touch to an outfit. At the head of it all? The body chain on a bare torso or with a single bracelet.

Elegant chains

With an ever-increasing roll call of the coolest men in the world now opting for the men’s necklace (Gosling, Hemsworth, Rocky – need we say more?) and shifting attitudes towards a much-needed blurring of the previously gender stereotyping in fashion (men wear watches, women wear jewelry – let’s all groan in unison), now is as good a time as any to experiment with a chain over your head.

And you don't have to be a goth boy, a burly biker or a rocker dude to sport a chain piece. Depending on the length and thickness of the chain, you can likely style it with casual wear day or night. Some of the chains will be length customized and finished with matching components.

Both the classic and the updated chains dominate in 2019. Platinum, rose gold, sterling silver, and gold-filled chains are some that are expected to draw a huge following among men. Silver chains also trend, because they are beautiful and elegant. The chain will complement silver rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Earring styles

The fact that wearing earrings is no longer controversial and the fact that earrings have evolved will make men swank their style in 2019, and will remain an integral part of men’s fashion.

Fauna earrings, which are ranked high among the brightest jewelry, continue being attractive and will be the hottest accessories this year. Bold and shiny earrings will be worn as well. The most expensive earrings will be those made from precious stones. Gold and silver still dominate in 2019.

The type of earrings that draw attention is semicircle and penetrating earlobe type. The styles can range from silver hoop earrings, gold hoop earrings, black hoop earrings, color matte earrings, and shiny small stones.

The solo earring will be a huge trend for men in the summer of 2019. Subtle and delicate, hoops or golden paperclip, your choice.

With pendant or plain

Note to trend-sensitive guys: Get a necklace.

The first step to making like the Pharaohs and the catwalk waifs is to pick out your necklace – starting with the material of your chain and then the pendant to add the unique styling that has made them so popular for this year.

The possibilities are endless. Do you wear it just above your collarbone or low on the chest? Inside the shirt or outside? And do you pick a pendant, or just a plain chain?

An oxidized sterling silver chain offers a more masculine and timeless vibe, with the color shade working best in winter months underneath tailoring and next to navy blues and grey. A yellow gold chain is brighter, creating a contrast that really pops against black, while complimenting warmer tones like orange and brown.

There’s no prescription for the pendant, and it’d be foolish to just follow the lead of the celebs. Just keep your eye out for something that you connect with or can regale an anecdote through, whether it’s a letter or a diamond-encrusted dollar sign. What are you attracted to? What complements your style? And what does it say to others about your character?

Vintage designs in a pendant – something that merges the past with the present – will also be in style in 2019.

Men's fashion rings will be a more common sight in 2019. Not all men are confident enough to wear rings. The opinion of too many men is that the only ring a man should wear is a wedding band. Luckily, things have changed lately, and men have started to realize the potential of rings as fashion accessories. As more men start wearing them, the more others get the courage to follow.

Of course, there are plenty of pieces of jewelry that will be trending this year. However, the mentioned ones will not only inspire men, but will be the basis around which the jewelry fashion will revolve this season.

So they are among the pieces you should have in earnest as you’ve started the year. In choosing jewelry, go for geometrical shapes such as triangles, rhombuses, spirals, and squares, because they will dominate the 2019 fashion.