Jewelry Pieces That Make You Look Older

jewelry that makes you look older

A wrong accessory can make the most gorgeous outfit look careless and unhinged.

We all know a great piece of accessories, like a handbag or jewelry, can make or break an outfit. The perfect piece adds texture, color or shape to really pull your outfit together like a picture-perfect runway piece.

The wrong accessory can make the most gorgeous outfit look careless and unhinged. But that is not the worst damage the wrong jewelry can do. It can actually make you look older – and that's not what any woman is going for when she gets dressed in the morning.

Looking and feeling older will destroy your confidence and ruin your look.

Now, there is nothing wrong with aging. Yes, the best fashion items are ageless, elegant and timeless. But, in fact, if you're not careful, you might look like you are trying too hard.

Before you decide to avoid fashion trends altogether and behave like your age, here are a few things you might want to remember and still feel a few years younger.

Heavy earrings

You're probably expecting a few body parts to start sagging once you hit a certain age, but you may not expect it to happen to your ears. We're sorry to be the bearer of bad news — but it's probably going to happen.

Loss of collagen and elasticity can cause skin all over your body to start sagging as you age, and those pretty lobes of yours are not immune. That's something you may want to take into consideration when you choose your next pair of earrings. Big, heavy ones will only make that problem more obvious by pulling them down.

Stylists agree that earlobes are notorious for showing your age. Very heavy earrings can pull on lobes as well as draw too much attention to the neck.

Gold hoop earrings

You probably owned several pairs of big gold hoops in the '90s and early 2000s — and according to experts, that's the number one reason you should back away from them now.

Big gold hoop earrings can bring back the '90s neon windbreaker days — and while they can be fun, they don't really fit in with the modern looks we see today and will call attention to themselves in a slightly dated way. The designs will only call attention to your age.

You can still wear hoop earrings but look for finer, more modern versions. Trade up!

Jewelry sets

Turns out, it is possible to be too matched. It definitely used to be a thing (remember that matched jewelry set you wore to prom?), but those days are over — at least for those of us that are no longer in our college days.

Experts advise avoiding jewelry sets where the necklace matches exactly with the earrings (or other jewelry item). Under 40, this can appear as a 'throwback' reference to the '80s and '90s when this was at its peak. After 40, it looks incredibly dated.

Instead, mix metals! It's modern, on-trend, and shows that you're current.


There's no need to pack up that heirloom strand of pearls just yet — but it is probably time to switch it up a bit and make your look more modern.

Pearls, which have been a timeless accessory throughout the years, have now become the 'it' jewelry trend of the season, style experts report. For women who are contemplating wearing a strand or two, they should consider adding edge and a whole lot of style to avoid looking as if they are an elderly woman headed out for high tea.

We recommend giving your pearls a funky contrast by mixing in a sparkly or metal necklace that is the same length to add a cool and unexpected pop to your look.

Too much bling

There’s something about a huge and hefty necklace that screams, I am very mature! Some older ladies are bedecked with jewelry, and this styling decision can be a dead giveaway of your age.

You might have painstakingly amassed a haul of sparkling baubles over the years – but remember, jewelry’ s primary purpose is subtle adornment.

Go for pieces that accent your features without looking too heavy or dramatic: For instance, a large necklace paired with large earrings or matching jewelry sets are a huge no-no.

Platinum, white gold or silver are some of the more youthful precious materials around but of course, we understand that nothing can ever replace yellow gold. If your outfit only goes with a more traditional piece of jewelry, keep it discreet.

Despite advice from these fashion-savvy experts, what you wear is ultimately up to you and how that clothing makes you feel.

Whatever you do, do it to look good. But even more than that, feel great about yourself. Its the best anti-aging tonic you will ever find.