Necklaces and Necklines: A Guide To Creating the Perfect Match

how to match necklaces with different necklines

Pairing necklaces with different necklines can be tricky business, even for the most experienced fashionistas.

Don’t you all just hate it when you have to rush out of your house in 10 minutes and you are clueless about your accessories?

You spent days mastering the 3 minutes shower routine, 5 minutes makeup trick and eating your breakfast while packing your bag. But then…you get stuck while choosing and matching your necklaces and jewelry with your tops and dresses with different necklines.

Pairing necklaces with different necklines can be tricky business, even for the most experienced fashionistas. Choose the right match, and your outfit pops! Choose the wrong match, and something just feels… off.

Anyone who has spent too much time standing in front of the mirror trying on eight different necklaces knows that it's a pain in the neck (pun intended) to figure out which one best complements your outfit. And while fashion trends waver from season to season, some general guidelines can help you style an outfit with ease.

Read on to learn and use them in your everyday life, as well as in dressing up for special occasions.

Crew neck

A true-blue classic that is everyone’s go-to neckline—the crew neck. While every type of necklace will go with the crew neck, spruce yours up with statement collar necklaces. Collar necklaces look very stylish.

Conservative and unassuming, the crew neckline is a classic in women’s fashion. A quick rule of thumb for this popular cut is to follow the curve of the neckline. In the case of crew neck shirts and dresses, opt for a bib or collar necklace to anchor and balance the shape.

You can pair it with a metallic strand that lies right at the collar. Or you can wear a bib style necklace to add some pizazz to a vanilla outfit. A crew neckline will support and enhance the shape of any round necklace, so mix and match to find the best round necklace for your ensemble.


This is a matchy matchy area. Clothing items with V-shaped necklines draw attention to the cleavage. The necklace should adorn it and not shy away from it.
Look for necklaces that mirror the neckline.

The pendant needs to be angular, matching the V shape. Slim, Y-shaped pendants without competing with the shape and layering is encouraged! Why not pair a slim pendant under a bolder one? Just make sure the daintier of the two sits closer to the neck.

Or, instead of simple, longer pieces, try out bolder necklaces (with bead or crystal details). But if you want something subtler, a classic bow choker can go perfectly with V neck tops as well.

Diamond necklaces can be a good idea. The wider the neckline, the bigger the pendant you need to consider. The necklace needs to go down along with a plunging neckline.

Button-up collar

A button-up collared top is a timeless classic, especially in women’s casual and business attire. But just because you’re dressed casually or for business doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your neckline with a little jewelry.

A short statement necklace under the collar will really flatter! This offers a great opportunity to wear those quirky tiered and graphic pieces that might be too busy otherwise, since a conservative collar camouflages it slightly.

Your best bet for a collared neckline is to go with a delicate pendant or choker. Don’t let your pendant get lost between buttons. Also make sure it doesn’t hang too low or look too understated.


A square neckline is beautiful, but it’s also difficult to pair with a necklace. Why? Because there are so many hard lines happening! That’s what makes this neckline both gorgeous and challenging.

But for this reason, it’s perfect for bringing out the shape of an angular necklace. Did you notice that it also enhances the jawline?

The best approach is to use hard lines in your jewelry too. Look for pendants with an angular finish to harmonize with the angular neckline. The hard lines of the top will bring out the shape of an angular necklace or pendant. If you chose the right complementary angles, you can enhance your jawline, too.


There’s nothing quite as striking as an asymmetrical neckline. You have to be careful with your accessories, though. Try offsetting the imbalance by drawing the eye down and to the center with a long strand necklace. Be it a toga or an “accidental slip-off-the-shoulder” look, balance the asymmetrical neckline with delicate pendant necklaces.

A necklace with ropes of gems is a great choice. It not only adds a slight sparkle, but also draws the attention to your sensuous collarbone.

Look for necklaces that aren’t symmetrical. A necklace that has its own asymmetry can work. Alternatively, a long string of different sized and shaped beads can work well.

Low cut

Low cut dresses and tops usually have a more elegant, daring overall look, which will go great with any layered chain necklace! Because of the dropped design, they will bring attention to the cut out and make it a bit sultrier and more luxurious.

Long pendant necklace that features a small stone (such as turquoise or tiger’s eye) or with a multi layered, simplistic necklace will do the job.

While a plunging neckline elongates one’s torso, it may sometimes seem a little bare. Throw on a long-line necklace with just the right amount of sparkle for that charming, elegant look.

If the cut out is the on the back, just add a necklace to your look with a lengthened back detail.


Sweetheart necklines accentuate the neck, cleavage, and shoulders. Necklaces with wide pendants can balance the open areas around your neckline. To balance the sharp angles of such necklines, you can go for pendants with soft angles and curves instead of hard angles. Diamond necklaces go very well with such necklines.

The key to pairing a necklace with a sweetheart neckline is simplicity. Keep the necklace short and simple. Bold jewelry typically does not work well as it overwhelms the look.

Avoid over-accessorizing by sticking to collar necklaces with a centerpiece that complements the curve of the heart-shaped neckline. A wide round necklace which covers the bare skin looks best.

Halter neck

These create a narrow V neck – so look for a narrow pendant with a sharper end. The halter neck is best paired with a triangle shaped pendant. If you look at the lines of the sides of a halter top, they go up toward your face in almost a triangle shape.

So, offset this with a triangle shaped necklace pointing down from your face for the perfect balance.


Turtlenecks are standard winter basics that could use a little love. Turtleneck dresses draw attention away from the neck. You can choose large pendants to make a statement.

When it comes to turtlenecks, long pendants and chains can elongate the neck and offer the illusion of a longer, thinner frame. Match and balance the minimalistic look with strings of precious gems that draws the eyes center and down.

Keep in mind that the higher the neckline, the longer the necklace can go.
Pairing a turtleneck with a long chain or pendant is the perfect match. With the extra fabric of the turtleneck at your neck, it just doesn’t make sense for a necklace to hang in that area too. Instead, let it hang low. This will elongate your neck in an elegant and sophisticated way.

If you are still in doubt over the necklace length, here is a little guide on necklace length. The higher the neckline, the longer the necklace should be. And the lower the neckline, the shorter and rounder the necklace should be.

Even by being mindful of the differences in necklines and necklaces, you’re already on your way to becoming a true fashionista. Use these tips to help you avoid fashion mistakes in accessorizing your look.