Time for a Grownup Bracelet? How to Choose the Perfect One

One of the most-demanding jewelry pieces since ages, bracelets are incredibly eye-catchy and appealing.

Moreover, they are a perfect choice for every occasion and even for regular usages. In high school or college, girls love bracelets because they are affordable and make an easy fashion statement.

Bracelets for young women often mean bangle style accessories or friendship bands. Rigid bracelets, usually from metal, wood, or plastic, are referred to as bangles. They can be smooth, textured or set with stones.

At about 1⁄8 to 1⁄4 in width, they are often worn in groups, so that arm movement causes them to make a gracious sound rather like the clinking of wind chimes. And that’s just what a teenage girl needs to attract attention and feel special!

Meanwhile, a friendship bracelet carries some sentiment about it, as it is a decorative bracelet given by one person to another as a symbol of friendship. These bracelets are often handmade, usually of embroidery floss or thread and are a type of macrame. There are various styles and patterns, but most are based on the same simple half-hitch knot.

Bracelets also have become a go-to fashion accessory for charities and people supporting various causes.

Even if you aren't attempting to convey a particular style, bracelets are still a great choice for expression. They are suitable for women of every age group, be it a teenager or middle-aged women.

So, at some point in life, especially if you consider yourself a fashionista, you may want to consider a more expensive bracelet. But what should it be?

What should it be made of?

Today’s fashion bracelets come in different styles, patterns, and designs, and are available in various decorative styles, owing to the utilization of different materials. You can choose your favorite design from a vast collection of vintage, handmade, fashionable etc.

fashionable bracelet

Jewelry has the ability to highlight women’s personality and bring out the best features when wearing the right pieces for the right occasion. Bracelets are attractive as an easy means to express your personality and also your taste of fashion.

While the majority are made from metals, they also have been made from insect secretions (such as lac), rattan, wood, feathers, tortoiseshell, horn, teeth, tusks, feathers, leather, and stone. Man-made materials include glass, faience, enamel, ceramic, and plastic.

Among several designs of fashion bracelets, the most popular ones include white and yellow gold pieces, precious gemstone-studded bracelets, charm bracelets, and many others. Diamond and platinum are the most expensive ones, and silver is quite affordable to anyone, while gold is the jewelry used by nearly everyone.

With such an enormous variety of materials, designs and styles out there, what should be the main criteria for choosing a perfect bracelet for yourself? Does classy mean boring? What else is out there in addition to plain gold or platinum?

A cherry on top

Most women style themselves consciously, making everything they’re wearing look deliberate and carefully thought out. Accessories such as bracelets are often the "cherry on top" to an overall outfit or look.

A successful outfit is never truly complete without the right jewelry. A "classic” or " chic" look, for example, absolutely requires diamonds and pearls in order to be considered whole.

When choosing a perfect bracelet to match your mature personality, you should take your lifestyle into consideration. Do you work in a professional environment? Do you frequently engage in high-impact sporting activities? Are you a regular at fancy parties and elegant events? You want to make sure that the perfect bracelet you get is something that won’t seem out of place and can fit seamlessly into your day-to-day life.

6.24 Carat Natural Tourmaline 14K White Gold Diamond Bracelet

Getting yourself a very formal and elegant bracelet could seem like a waste if you never go to elegant events. If you’re very sporty, you’ll want to opt for bracelets that are more durable and can take some wear and tear gracefully. If you like doing volunteer work and interact with the less fortunate, consider getting a bracelet that is tasteful yet understated: something well-made and beautiful that doesn’t scream abundant wealth.

Pick by experimenting

Don’t think of the bracelet by itself: consider how it could complement and accentuate the other pieces you wear! Do you like wearing rings with colored gemstones?

Think about adding matching stones to the bracelet. Do you wear a watch? Get a bracelet that matches it, so you can layer them! But be careful of combinations that look too busy. Try not to wear too many bracelets with lots of different colored stones.

Before you properly wear a bracelet, start your experiments with the thinnest. Pick up bracelets that are similar in style and tight-fitting wrist. Too thick bracelets will look bulky on your hand and will make the image heavier.

And be conscious of the style: if you prefer vintage clothing, don’t get something that looks ultra-modern. Give yourself a bracelet that fits into the image of yourself that you want to project out into the world.

Make it the right size

When it comes to shopping for women bracelets, knowing the preferred metal is helpful in narrowing the search for the ideal one. If you wear more rose gold than any other metal type, it’s safe to assume that the ideal bracelet will match the rest of your accessory collection.

Likewise, those who own and wear significantly more white gold, yellow gold or silver would benefit most from those respective metal types.

The main design consideration for a bracelet is sizing. It must be neither so large that it slips off the hand when it is relaxed, nor so small that it cannot be slid over the hand or fit around the wrist.

In general, there are three different types of bracelets: link, slip-on, and hinged. Link bracelets are sized to fit the wrist comfortably and to allow the links to drape flexibly. Slip-on styles are rigid shapes and may be either open-ended or a closed circle or another shape.

According to one source, solid circle or oval bracelets should be from 81/2 to 91/4 inches in circumference. In the early twenty-first century, this is the most common style of the three types.

Hinged styles require a hinge and locking catch to allow the bracelet to be opened and yet fit the wrist snugly at a recommended 61/2 to 7 inches around with an opening of 1 to 11/2 inches for the wrist.

The bracelet should have rounded ends in order to fit the wrist comfortably.

Solid hinged bracelets should be made from a thick gauge of metal (from 12 to 14 gauge) to maintain the necessary springiness of the form. Stones inserted in bracelets should rank at least 5 or 6 on the Mohs' scale, to prevent their damage.

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