What Does A Sapphire Engagement Ring Symbolize?

Sapphires are among a popular choice of engagement rings since they are thought to bring good luck, wisdom, and loyalty. When considering these colorful gems for your bride-to-be, it is crucial to take some time and familiarize with their hidden meaning and historical importance.


Sapphires have been associated with many positive attributes, making them popular and unique engagement ring gems. The Ancient Greeks considered sapphire rings a symbol of profound wisdom and the god Apollo. The deep blue hue was believed to interact with planet Venus, while others thought the gem would influence spirits. Romans and Ancient Greeks felt sapphires consisted of protective properties, shielding the wearer against bad luck and resentment.

In the Middle Ages, people wore sapphires with the thought that they would change color if wearers were unfaithful. The idea became more prevalent in the 18th century, which saw a sharp increase in sapphire engagement rings. The Victorian era saw sapphire engagement bands gain even more popularity when the same story was recited.


Sapphires continue to be engagement jewelry of choice for most people today. Some couples love the gem's color and appearance, while others desire sapphires because of their symbolism. Below are the meanings of sapphire engagement rings today.

  • Uniqueness: Sapphire engagement rings are unique and make a statement regarding the one-of-a-kind nature of love between partners.
  • Birthday: Sapphire is the birthstone for September, thus symbolizes the month couples met, the bride's birth month, or when they got engaged.
  • Royalty: Sapphire engagement rings are still linked to sophistication and faithfulness, making them a popular choice for couples to symbolize royalty.


Whether you prefer sapphire gems due to their historical significance, modern relations, or design and color, they make an excellent choice for engagement rings. Understanding the symbolism behind sapphire makes it even more special. Contact Fashion Strada to learn more.