What Is Citrine Jewelry?

Citrine is known as the birthstone of November. It makes a perfect gift for men born in November. A citrine engagement ring also goes well with November engagements or weddings. However, citrine jewelry makes a good gift for all men who value elegance. In this article, we will help you redefine your jewelry by adding citrine jewelry to your collection.

What is Citrine?

Citrine is a type of transparent quartz that comes in different citrus colors - pastel yellow, saturated yellow, and reddish-orange. Its name comes from the French word citron, which means lemon. The yellow color of citrine signifies warmth and happiness attributed to citrine's sunny shades. Citrine jewelry not only makes you stand out among others, but also brings you joy and optimism. You will naturally like citrine jewelry thanks to the warm golden hues and affordability.   

What Makes Citrine Jewelry Valuable? 

When it comes to citrine jewelry, there are a few factors that affect their value such as color, cut, and clarity. In this section we will talk about each of these factors.

The Color

Color is an essential factor in citrine jewelry and is used to tell the value of a citrine stone. A highly valued citrine jewel has a saturated yellow to reddish-orange color that has no brownish tints.

The Citrine Cut

Citrine properties and composition make it an easy stone to cut and shape. You can have a round, princess, emerald, or pear on your citrine gemstone. Citrine facets help to enhance the depth of its appearance.

Clarity Grade

A good citrine gemstone should be free of inclusions. Before making a purchase, check the jewelry from all angles to ensure it has no inclusions.

Can Men Wear Citrine Jewelry?

The answer is yes, men can wear citrine jewelry. Your options are unlimited when you choose citrine jewelry. You can get a necklace, finger rings, bracelets, or stud earrings made of citrine. Regardless of the citrine jewelry you choose, always look for the following qualities. 

Where To Purchase Citrine Jewelry?

Before you choose a piece of citrine jewelry, check on the color, clarity, and cut since they define the quality of the gemstone. At Fashion Strada, we can offer you some assistance in choosing citrine jewelry. Call us at 1-844-884-9722 for more information.