What Is White Topaz Jewelry?

Do you love diamond jewelry but can't afford them? Well, don't worry, as you can find a substitute that almost looks exactly like diamond jewelry. White topaz is that alternative. 

Besides being an affordable alternative to diamond jewelry, white topaz has many benefits, including spiritual. The gemstone also comes in various colors. Keep reading to know more about white topaz jewelry.

White Topaz Symbolism

The white topaz gemstone symbolizes love, happiness, and hope. The gem is also related to Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter planets. Topaz is also associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius and is believed to have protective properties like positivity, healing, and power. Thus, most people believe that one can overcome feelings of depression by wearing topaz jewelry. 

Also, people believe that white topaz jewelry can significantly reduce one's pain. For instance, white topaz is believed to decrease migraine pain. 

White topaz jewelry clears your mind and promotes a positive mindset. It is an excellent piece of jewelry to have on, especially when going through challenging situations.

The Natural Color of Topaz

Topaz gemstone naturally occurs in many colors. When mined, topaz can be in yellow, brown, pink, blue, or clear lacquer. Blue and pink are the rarest and expensive of all colors of topaz. However, with time topaz gemstone changes color to white, thanks to impurities. 

Topaz gemstone has a flat base and a pyramid shape available in many forms, such as rough, tumbled, and faceted. Topaz gem is used to make various jewelry pieces.

If you are looking for a diamond jewelry alternative, take your time in choosing white topaz jewelry that is perfectly colorless. Also, pick one that has fewer natural internal flaws.

The Durability of White Topaz Jewelry

Though significantly softer than diamond, white topaz is relatively durable. On Mohs scale of hardness, white topaz measures 8. Diamond has a ten reading on the same scale. 

Since white topaz is not as durable as diamond, expect it to scratch with time. Even though it has a higher hardness reading on the Mohs scale, white topaz jewelry breaks easily and should be particularly protected from sharp blows.


White topaz jewelry is an excellent gift for yourself or your loved one, thanks to its many benefits and beauty. White topaz jewelry can be in many forms, including rings, studs, and necklaces. 

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