Where Is Morganite Mined?

When it comes to gems for jewelry diamonds are always going to be number one, but there is a close second in Morganite. In the past few years morganite has been rapidly growing in popularity and many people are asking more questions about this amazing pink stone. That is why in the blog we will answer one of our most common questions “Where Is Morganite Mined?”

The History Of Morganite

Morganite or rose beryl is a precious gem mined on six out of seven continents other than Antarctica. This pale pink stone was discovered in the 21st century by Tiffany & Co. Kunz's chief gemologist, George Kunz, in 1910 on an African island, Madagascar. Since then, an explosion of discoveries followed, and to date, the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia have at least one active mining site of Rose beryl.

For over 50 years, morganite flew under the radar and away from gem shops until the early 21st century, when its aesthetic value and cost sparked its popularity. The gem was affordable compared to diamonds, yet it maintained a lovely look on the wearer. So, researchers financed by various organizations dived in the wild to find out more about morganite, which led to discovering its deposits worldwide.

Locations where morganite is mined 

Now that we have discussed the history of morganite, here are some places in the world where morganite is currently being mined.

South and North America

South America boasts of owning wonderful natural resources, including the biggest deposits of morganites. Currently, a Brazilian region Minas Gerais is the leading producer of this glorious gem.

In 1989, two prominent miners Denis Holden and Ronald discovered a one-foot wide morganite in Maine, the USA, at the Bennett Quarry. Though the mine is still in operation, this 50 lb stone was the largest gem ever mined in the world. 


Africa is also well represented in this lucrative gem business by Madagascar. The country is the cradle of morganites and at one time, it was its leading producer. Sadly, in recent years the country's Malakilian region, where morganites mines once densely dotted the surface, has declined in productivity.