5 Fall Jewelry Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing in 2019

accessory trends fall 2019

This season, you're going to want to embrace the more is more mentality when it comes to accessorizing. 

As we get ready to swap sandals for boots, tank tops for sweaters, and sundresses for weightier ones, jewelry is another category we're preparing to transition from summer to fall. We've certainly revealed our seashell trinkets and handicraft beads all summer, but come autumn, we're ready to change things up in favor of the latest trends.

This season, you're going to want to embrace the more is more mentality when it comes to accessorizing. Sure, a few of the trends like long, delicate earrings and baroque-style pearls lend themselves to more minimal aesthetics, but for the most part, fall jewelry is very in-your-face.

This fall, we're seeing more and more jewelry that's colorful, sparkly, and downright statement-making. 2019 is the year of camp as it relates to fashion, so lean into it and choose a few pieces of jewelry that will make any outfit shine. Check out the jewelry trends below and get ready to turn some major heads come September.


Earrings will not be abandoning their key role and, for the next cold season, their size and quite daring shapes are bound to catch the eye.

The fiercest of the earring-related fall 2019 jewelry trends is probably the ear armor. This refers to earrings or cuffs that cover the bulk of the ear helix, looking like an especially glamorous armor.

Symmetry is not necessary or recommended this fashion month. Wearing only one earring is one of the ways to eschew symmetry in the fall jewelry trends. Wearing one earring is also a great way of rocking something beautiful and blingy in a non-gendered, and if we may add, it’ll make you feel a little pirate-y, too.

For the fall 2019 jewelry trends, hoop earrings are anything but simple and delicate. From latch back earrings with multiple hoops to quite a few hoop earrings decorated with dangly beads or a golden fringe, it is hard to miss the loud, boho-chic earrings.

Earrings this fall are also strikingly long, oversized and hang with mismatched adornments, impossible to slip by unnoticed. Long and linear earrings were the earring style that turned up at every awards show this season from swingy looks with movement to those that dropped down to almost the shoulders in both antique and modern versions.

Chain gang

Another key player is chain, one of the most classic and recurring themes in jewelry which, for the coming season will be used transversally: not only to define significant maxi necklace and bracelet profiles but also as a decorative element in the hair and as print on sophisticated garments.

Gold chains as a staple in any wardrobe are undoubtedly back in style. The look is bold and chunky and often layered.

Whether you chose from the turn-of-the-century curb, paper clip and trombone link watch fob chains, vintage 70's versions of these looks or modern designer interpretations, you can't go wrong. These chains get a dose of individual style with charms and medallions and various closures as the focal point.


Summer 2019 might have been all about natural pearls and seashells, but fall is set to be the season of more classic styles.

Pearls have been getting a makeover for the past couple of years and they come out of their traditional shell with every type of pearl, from South Sea to natural baroque to Akoya continuing to evolve with a current vibe. They shed their prim and proper associations and leave any traces of preppy or conventional elements behind.

While some pearls might have an antique feel, they never look dated. Today's looks range from delicately detailed and feminine to edgy and daring.

Pearls are only picking up steam this season, but this time around they're being updated in polished, baroque-inspired designs. Perfectly spherical pearls are set to eclipse the freshwater pearl shapes that dominated this summer and a new classic is emerging: cameos.

Dramatic brooches

Big, shiny, and just a little retro, brooches are one of the most fun of the fall 2019 jewelry trends. In our minds, brooches are a somewhat dated accessory, but all that is old becomes new again, and brooches do feel like they fit in with the cozy, grandmotherly aesthetic that some designers revelled in this season.

Brooches in the hair, brooches everywhere have been a theme for a few years now.

Those of us who appreciate and purchase antiques will wear them on the side of a cardigan, the label of a jacket, across the neckline or the waist of a shift dress and more casually on a jean jacket. We have seen them worn in myriad ways to awards events and they continue to pop on on the runways.

As you get accustomed to wearing brooches again, take a tip from how they make an impact for day or evening in groups of three.


So you've been wearing your anklet nonstop all summer? No need to take it off on account of weather that requires covered ankles. Instead, take a cue from the Givenchy runway, where models layered theirs over tights—yet over a pair of fun socks works just as well.

Despite their '90s affiliations, anklets are a refined and often overlooked piece of jewelry. But this season, jewelers gave them their sartorial due. Accessorize with a pair of heels, loafers, or even over your ankle-strap sandals for a cool layered look.