Birthstone of the Month: September is for Sapphire

sapphire September birthstone

September’s birthstone is the sapphire— a gem that’s been cherished for thousands of years.

Traditionally a favorite stone of priests and kings, sapphire, according to ancient lore, instilled wisdom, loyalty, and nobility. The celestial blue color of this precious stone symbolized heaven and attracted divine favor and wise judgment.

September is often a month of winding down and preparing for the long winter time. Crops will be picked, and heat bills will rise.

Those born in September often have a similar personality, but one that matches the deep blue of their birthstone. Most are practical, thoughtful, and hardworking. Quite a contrast to the wildness of the summer stones.

When hearing the word sapphire, many people immediately envision a stunning violet-blue gemstone, because the very word “sapphire” is Greek for blue.

For centuries, the sapphire has been referred to as the ultimate blue gemstone.
Actually, sapphires are not blue only; they come in almost every color of the rainbow: pink, yellow, orange, peach, brown, grey, and violet colors (except red, which is classified as ruby instead).

This lovely gemstone gives September-born babies a full spectrum of options when choosing the shade of birthstone that best represents them.

The heavenly blue

Associated with the sacred and sacred things, since ancient times sapphire has been in the lore of nearly every religion in the world. A stone of mental clarity, sapphire is a seeker of truth, which allows you to access deeper levels of understanding in the spiritual world.

Sapphire gemstones also symbolize sincerity and integrity. They are associated with focusing the mind, maintaining self-discipline, and channeling higher powers.
Sapphire is connected to the idea of guarding against evil and the problems associated with poisoning. It has been used to ward off bad influences for generations.

Today, sapphires are thought to ease pain and reduce stress.

Sapphires are a form of corundum, the second-hardest mineral. Trace elements like iron, titanium, chromium, copper, and magnesium give naturally colorless corundum a tint of blue, yellow, purple, orange or green, respectively. Red corundum is called the ruby, while sapphires in colors other than blue are called fancy sapphires.

Sapphires with highly saturated violet-blue color and “velvety” or “sleepy” transparency are rarer. The purer the blue of the sapphire, the greater the price. However, many people find that the darker hues of sapphire can be just as appealing.

Second only to diamond

Classical violet-blue sapphires traditionally came from the Kashmir region of India between the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Nowadays, sapphire is also found in many other parts of the world: Thailand, Vietnam, China, Australia, Brazil, Africa, and North America (mainly Montana).

Their origin can affect their value as much as color, cut, clarity, and carat size. The most prized sapphires are from Myanmar (Burma), Kashmir and Sri Lanka.

Sapphires aren’t just valuable in jewelry, but also in industrial applications including scientific instruments, high-durability windows, watches, and electronics.

The remarkable hardness of sapphires, which measure 9 on the Mohs scale, is second only to diamond. It has excellent toughness and no cleavage, which is a tendency to break when struck.

This makes it a great choice for rings and other mountings subject to daily wear.

Sapphires are slotted by gemologists in the category of precious stones like diamond, emerald, and ruby.

This September birthstone has been believed to protect the wearer from envy and harm and attracts blessings from heaven. Sapphire, with its stunning blue shades, is a symbol of heaven and considered to indicate the purity of the soul.

Sapphire became a symbol of royal love in 1981 when Britain’s Prince Charles gave Lady Diana a 12-carat blue sapphire engagement ring. Prince William later gave this ring to Catherine Middleton when he proposed in 2010.

Today, top-quality blue sapphire remains one of Mother Nature's rare gemstones.

Sapphires make stunning gifts for anyone born in September. When buying sapphire, you can never go wrong with this brilliant gemstone.

A link to the heavens and a symbol of intelligence and power, the sapphire is one of the most regal gemstones, an ideal birthstone for the September-born. The unparalleled beauty of sapphire makes it very desirable in all sorts of jewelry designs and its beauty stands out irrespective of whether it is set alone or with other stones.