Can I Wear My Diamond Ring in the Shower?

A diamond ring is a precious one time gift that you may never want to take off your finger. Being a valuable possession, you need to take care of your ring to maintain the sparkle for long. You need to know when to take off your ring, and one such time is while in the shower. Keep reading to find out why.

Effects of Wearing Your Diamond Ring in the Shower

While the chemicals on bath soaps are essential in removing dead skin, they're lethal on your diamond ring. Common effects of bath soap chemicals on your ring include:

Scratches the Surface

The scrubber in your exfoliant scratches and strips the surface of the diamond leading to micro-scratches. The damage is microscopic and impossible to notice initially, but these scratches escalate with time, damaging your ring. Before you start scrubbing that dead skin, be sure to remove your diamond ring. 

Makes It Lose Its Luster and Shine

When you wear your diamond ring while in the shower, the water and soap build-up on the surface, making the stone look cloudy. A cloudy jewel is considered wearer-caused damage, and hence the jeweler doesn't accept it if you return. When the diamond loses its luster, it diminishes in value since its value depends on its shine.

What Next?

Removing your ring when taking a shower makes it retain its shine and brilliance for long. But if you were unaware of the dangers of wearing your diamond ring in the shower, there's much you can do to ensure it stands the test of time.

Reliable jewelers offer jewelry checkup and cleaning. The jeweler uses safe technology to clean and polish your stone, restoring its sparkle and shine.