How To Remove Scratches From A Gemstone Ring

looked at your jewelry and noticed scratches, you should not be terrified because the scratches can be removed. Keep reading to discover how you can get rid of the scratches. 

How do gemstones get scratched? 

As jewelry ages and comes into contact with items, small scratches can be noticed on the surface. Gemstones are usually made of different metals with varying hardness levels. Softer gemstones are likely to scratch easily when in contact with harder objects. 

For gemstones engraved on rings, there is a higher chance of scratching as a result of the continuous use of your hands. When your hands bang a table, chair, or other objects, all that abrasion will cause scratches to show on the surface of the gemstones. However, these scratches can be removed through proper procedures. 

Steam and Ultrasonic Cleaning 

Once you see scratches on your gemstone, you should get them removed by a professional jeweler. A jeweler will first assess the extent of scratches on your stones. This will allow them to determine the best technique suitable for the respective gemstones. If your gemstones are strong, it means they can withstand steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. Steam and ultrasonic cleaning will remove dirt and debris to make the gemstones look shinny. 

Polishing Scratched Gemstones 

If the gemstones are really scratched or chipped, the jeweler will opt for polishing. Polishing is the process of buffing the surface of the stone to remove any scratches. Different stones usually require different processes depending on their hardness. For example, an opal is soft and therefore can't be polished with the same process that polishes diamonds. 

A jeweler or lapidary will utilize a variety of machines to polish the gemstones. Such machines include a polishing wheel or tumbler. They will be careful to use the right wheel and polishing compound for the stone type. After polishing, the scratches will disappear and the gemstone will look shiny and sparkling again. 

Like any other commodity of value, care should be taken to protect your gemstone from scratches. At Fashion Strada, we help you to maintain your precious ring and ensure it lasts for generations.